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April 30, 2005

Tiffany Table Lamps

This is a strikingly beautiful tiffany table lamp. See more details on the Otono Prairie Pottery Tiffany Table Lamp at Amazon.

This is a highly original and gorgeous tiffany lamp.
See the "Prairie Mosaic Tiffany Table Lamp" at Arcadian Lighting.

I love this peacock design. It's a Paul Shalom Tiffany design.
See this lamp at
Arcadian Lighting

A very elegant table lamp with Tiffany glass. See this Inglenook Table Lamp at Amazon.

This is a bold lamp with masculine appeal. See the Cadence Tiffany Table Lamp at Amazon.


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Thomas Rockwood said...

Tiffany was an extremely talented artist who was well versed in many different artistic pursuits; he is most remembered for producing iridescent glass. Tiffany lamp reproductions are available in a variety of orginial designs and colors; these lamps will without a doubt add style to any room it is placed in.

You will have added to the value of your home if you were to add a tiffany chandelier in your dinning room above the dinning room table. Tiffany was an avid naturalist who relied upon nature as a renewing source of inspiration. Before the turn of the century, tiffany lamps were already all over american homes and public buildings.

Tiffany Lamp

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Thomas Rockwood said...

Through the years that have passed these lamps have become wonderful gift ideas, although i am sure most people would prefer to purchase this style of glass to accent their home. True antique floor lamps like the tiffany lamp are available to purchase, however you may have difficulty with getting your hands on one.

Tiffany lamps are functional piece of art that are available to just about anyone; these lamps are still being produced in a mass production. Tiffany was an avid naturalist who relied upon nature as a renewing source of inspiration. The lighting in the room can change a person's mood; the light can either serve as a pick me up or a bring me down depending on the brigtness and dimness.

Tiffany Lamp


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