The Art of Lighting Fixtures

A personal gallery of the most beautiful lighting fixtures available online.

October 23, 2005

Torchiere Lamps

Introduction to compact fluorescent torchieres:

A torchiere is a lamp that directs light up for indirect illumination. The light is then reflected off the ceiling. Most torchieres you find today are 'halogen torchieres' with halogen bulbs.

A nifty alternative is the compact fluorescent torchiere. An example is shown on the right here.

The wonderful benefits of a compact fluorescent torchiere (CFT) versus a halogen torchiere is that CFT's use about seventy percent less energy for an equivalent amount of lighting and the bulbs last five times longer than halogen bulbs.

According to BC Hydro, replacing a 200-watt halogen torchiere with a 55-watt compact fluorescent will save about $100 in electricity over the life of the compact fluorescent bulb.

In addition, fluorescent lighting is safer in the sense that it emits much less heat.

Conserving power and electricity is part of the art of lighting. Be the first person on your block with a compact fluorescent torchiere!

See about twenty examples of compact fluorescent torchieres at Amazon.

This information was sourced from the BC Hydro page on power-smart lighting. See their page for more info.

October 22, 2005

LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights are the way to go this holiday season. They make the perfect decoration for Christmas trees, inside or outside the house holiday decorations and look fantastic on storefront windows.

LED stands for light-emitting diode. The LED technology uses up to 95% less energy and lasts at least seven times longer than standard light strings. In addition LED lights are much more durable. They are also safer as they emit much less heat.

The shimmering lights are beautiful and unique. They look completely different than the standard Christmas light strings. They are recommended by BC Hydro as one power-smart way to help conserve the environment and lower your electricity costs.

Other power companies internationally should take notice. BC Hydro is offering a reward program for people to replace their halogen torchiere and incandescent holiday light strings with either compact fluorescent torchieres, holiday light-emitting diodes (LED's) or compact fluorescent light bulbs.

See the BC Hydro website for more power-smart info.

October 15, 2005

Wrought Iron Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Here are some beautiful examples of wrought iron pendant lighting. These high-quality pendant fixtures retail for between $400 and $700. The first photo here is the wrought iron four light pendant by Minka-Lavery. It's 25 inches in width and 40 inches in height.

The second photo is a wrought iron pendant light, also by Minka-Lavery. It's named the Mission Inn pendant.

The third example is a two light contemporary pendant by Hubbarton Forge.

See about eighty more examples of wrought iron pendant lighting at Amazon.

October 08, 2005

Zen Floor Lamp

This is the serene mood enhancing Zen Floor Lamp. It's a popular item these days in some social circles. It has a wood frame with plastic PVC panels on the front and back which serve as shades. These shades look like frosted glass when lit up.

You can see more details about this Bellacor Zen-like lamp at Amazon .

October 05, 2005

Coffee Shop Lighting Design Options

Here are some beautiful lighting ideas for your coffee shop.

This fabulous photo was taken by merialc in a coffee shop in Birmingham.

For good coffee shop lighting design ideas, I would recommend going to your nearest Starbucks store and having a look. I find the typical Starbucks store has beautiful and modern lighting design ideas. The two photos taken here are from a Starbucks store. The lighting here was installed by Knights' Electric's. They provide complete electrical systems for residential and commercial properties. See their web site for more info.

October 02, 2005

Outdoor Patio Lighting

These pipeline lanterns would beautify any outdoor evening event in your garden or on your patio. They are 137 centimeters high, a pair costs $58 and they are made of wood, stainless steel and high-quality resin. All you need is some lamp oil. They come with extinguishing caps that slot neatly into the pole. These fine outdoor torches could also make a lovely gift.

See more about these lanterns at Eurocosm.