The Art of Lighting Fixtures

A personal gallery of the most beautiful lighting fixtures available online.

April 06, 2005

Welcome to the Art of Lighting

This site showcases the best of lighting fixtures available on the net. It's a personal gallery of beautiful floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lighting and outdoor lighting.

My focus is on aesthetics and beauty of light fixtures. This site is geared for people who love to look at beautiful lighting design. Price is not a consideration in the choice of lighting shown here. I realize this is not very practical, but the site is geared more for viewers than shoppers.

I hope you enjoy browsing through these beautiful photos! Please contact me if you know of any lighting designs I should showcase here.

My friend made the trestle above from scraps of crystals she had collected over the years. She saw the original lighting design in Europe, took a photo of it, and made this beautiful lighting fixture to grace her dining room.

I'd love to showcase other custom-made lighting fixtures here. Please send me your photo and I'll include it in this gallery.


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