The Art of Lighting Fixtures

A personal gallery of the most beautiful lighting fixtures available online.

September 27, 2005

Funky Lighting Fixtures

Someone asked me if I have any examples of funky lighting fixtures on this gallery blog. Well, I consider all the lighting fixtures shown here to be funky! Funky is a nebulous word. It can mean 'uncomplicated', 'emotional' and/or 'fashionable'. In this sense, I think many of the examples shown on this site would apply. But here are some examples of particularly funky lighting fixtures from previous postings;

Here are some very funky lamps. The photo was taken by lunaryuna.The red lamp is especially original. I've never seen a table lamp quite like this one.

This here is the very funky Lusik table lamp. It's part of the lighting collection at Warisan Lighting.

The funky wall scone you see here is a hand-made paper scone crafted by the people at Ambient Art Lamps.

It is about 16 inches tall. Price is $65 (or $59 with more than one order). These types of lamps are perfect for soothing mood lighting.

This is a Murano glass desk lamp. It's twelve inches in height.. Murano glassis often considered to be the highest in quality worldwide. Murano is an island off Venice, where half of the population works in the glass industry.

Check out Venetian glass products at Venetian Glass Art.

Track lighting for the nursery or kid's room is a funky idea. This Mono Cloud (mono rail) track lighting was created by Tech Lighting.

This is the Glowing Blaze floor lamp. It has a painted orange inner shade and emits a beautiful colorful glow. The shades adjust horizontally and vertically. View more details as well as more examples of funky floor lamps at iFurn Hip and Funky Lamps.

This funky chandelier is a combination of traditional materials with a modern look. See the Linear Collection six light Chandelier at Amazon.

September 24, 2005

The Lusik Table Lamp

This is the beautiful Lusik table lamp. It's part of the table lamp collection at Warisan Lighting. This particular lamp is highlighted under their restaurant lamps collection.

Warison Lighting produces over 120 models of unique lamps and lighting fixtures. They are a division of Warison; a specialized manufacturer of furniture, lighting and accessories. They are located in Bali and opened their first store in the United States (in Los Angeles) about six years ago.

September 16, 2005

Unique Outdoor Lighting Options

Here is a very unique piece of outdoor lighting. It's a lighted welded steel trellis sculpture produced by Mystic Trellis. A cast iron pinnacle holds the lighting fixture and casts the light downward. The wiring is enclosed in a PVC case and metal conduit on the inside of the vertical flat bar.

Mystic Trellis is a company based in Bozeman, Montana. They produce both lighted and unlighted trellises. Check them out here.

September 08, 2005

Hand-made Lamps with a Stone Base

This beautiful lamp with a stone base is part of a show gallery of lamps available at Zen Stone Lighting. These lamps were created by artist Barry Benson.

Each lamp base is hand made and unique. The stones are shaped naturally and are only cut at the base to provide stability. The handcrafted lamp shades are made from silk, mulberry, banana and Kozo and abaca fiber papers.

These lamps would look wonderful in many different decor themes including Japanese, Asian, Southwestern, country, contemporary or modern decors.

Zen Stone Lighting is based in Queen Creek, Arizona. Check out their online gallery of stone lamps here.

Here's another example of a beautiful lamp with a stone base. This very original stained-glass lamp with a stone in the base was designed by Kevyn Tuohy.