The Art of Lighting Fixtures

A personal gallery of the most beautiful lighting fixtures available online.

December 29, 2005

The Calix Lamp is the 'Most Beautiful' Lamp

Here's the very beautiful Calix Table Lamp. 'Calix' is a word meaning either a small drinking-cup or wine cup. It is often depicted as part of the scenery on ancient vases to represent drinking-scenes. The word 'calix' is also a short form of 'callistus', a latin name derived from the greek 'kallistos'. And kallistos means "most beautiful".

This Calix table lamp was first produced by Uttermost in October of 2004. The Uttermost Company was founded by a married couple in 1975 and is still one hundred percent family owned today. Uttermost is based out of Rocky Mount, Virginia and employs over 500 people. They are the largest manufacturers of framed mirrors in the U.S. and their lamp, wall art and clock divisions are growing rapidly as well.

The Calix Copper Finish Table Lamp has a natural copper finish and is about thirty inches high. It retails for about $180.

Check out more details about the Calix Lamp at Amazon (where it is now 30% off) and see other lighting products by Uttermost on Amazon.

December 12, 2005

The Most Unique Contemporary Table Lamp

These unique and beautiful table lamps were designed by Inoda + sveje. The design is breathtaking in its simplicity. The lamps were exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. They are not yet manufactured. The company is seeking a manufacturerer for them.

Inoda +sveje is a design firm based out of Milano in Italy.

December 11, 2005

Snowflakes Christmas Lights

These are Christmas snowflake lights. How unique - it's a brand new innovation in Christmas lighting. I haven't seen these anywhere yet. But I do know they are a hot item.

The lights come with an image projector that has 16 white image discs included. Not only do you get snowflake Christmas lights but you can also see white running deers, gliding skaters, flying angels, Bethlehem stars or shooting stars.

You can decorate the entire exterior of your house with these lights - up to sixty feet wide projection area. There's also an automatic off and on timer to make your projector easy to control.

Once you've packed it in for Christmas, expect to use it again for Halloween (white sheet ghosts, flying witches or bats), for any party occassions (white floating baloons with 'Party!" in big letters) or engagement or wedding parties (white heart with lace border).

Christmas Outdoor Lighting: Animated Deers, Does and Bucks

I've been noticing a lot more lit up reindeers, does and bucks on front lawns this Christmas season. They're kind of cute and kids just love them. The buck with antlers shown here has 210 mini-lights attached to it. It's made out of natural rattan grapevine and is about two feet tall. It costs $59 at Home Depot, but you won't find it in the store, you need to order from their catalogue or from their internet site at